Frequently asked questions

Why are you only available one day a week for bookings?

I work in other clinical locations four days per week. At the moment, I have allocated Fridays as my mobile service day. However, if you require a consultation on another day, please email or phone me to arrange an appointment after hours or as my schedule allows. I will do my best to accommodate you or your family members.

Why do you require my full medical history as a new patient? Don't you just cut nails?

Podiatrists are Allied Health Practitioners. Your full medical history is required so I can provide you with the best possible outcomes. Some examples: If you are taking any anti-coagulants (blood thinning medications), I need to know this before I use any sharp instruments near your feet like nail clippers or scalpel blades! If you are a diabetic, I'm required to assess your neurological (nerve) status and vascular status and let your GP know these results. Do you have any allergies? You may be allergic to sports tape. You may be allergic to iodine, which is contained in products like Betadine.

Why do you charge more than a normal clinic?

My fees reflect the circumstances of being a mobile practitioner. It takes time to travel to each location with all my equipment in order to provide the same service you would expect at a clinical location. If you're a new patient, I also have letters to write to GPs in my own time afterwards to fulfill my obligations as an Allied Health Practioner.

How long is an appointment?

I allow an hour for appointments. It may take less time depending on the patient and the circumstances.

Do you ever run early or late for an appointment?

Being a mobile practitioner can be challenging with regards to time schedules. I ask all my patients on the day of their appointment to leave a window of 3 hours open. So if your'e my third patient of the day booked in for 10:00am, I'll require you to be available between 9:00 - 12:00 pm. This ensures a realistic time frame and less stress for all concerned.

Do you accept cash for a gap payment?


What happens if you're out of range with your mobile HICAPS terminal?

Good question! You can pay me with cash and I'll organise a receipt to be emailed or sent to you by post that will contain all the information you require to make your Medicare rebate claim. If you are aware your location has mobile reception problems, please inform me prior to the appointment. Healthkit: I encourage all my patients to consider joining Healthkit. Healthkit is a business management system for practitioners.....and their patients! It's free to join, you can share your health files with me if needed which saves everyone time. You can search the database to find other health practitioners too. Through Healthkit, I can set up all your payment details including your Medicare or DVA details. I can then process the payment instantly. Healthkit uses the same encryption security as the banking industry and is approved by the Australian Government to process Medicare rebates. Find the link here: If you're using private health insurance, please consider downloading the HICAPS Go app for smart phones which will ensure quick easy transactions. You can find the button links for both iPhone and Android HICAPS Go apps on the "Payment Methods" page.

Do I have to have a doctor's referral to book an appointment with you?

No, you don't need a doctor's referral to make an appointment with me. PLEASE NOTE: If you cannot claim through your private health insurance, you will be charged the full fee for the consultation. If you are not sure, you can download the HICAPS Go app for smart phones (link buttons located on the "payment methods" page of this website) and after you've entered the required information, you can obtain a quote from me on HICAPS Go which outlines how much your fund will cover and how much of a gap you will pay. So there's no surprises! Just find my listing with location 2780.

I have an EPC referral with another podiatist, can I make a one-off appointment?

Yes, you can make a one-off appointment to see me, however: PLEASE NOTE: I cannot process the claim without the relevant documention or information legally required for the rebate processing. Therefore the full fee would be charged for the appointment. *****If you are a patient at a clinic location I work at Mon-Thurs and we have your EPC on file, I may be able to organise the required rebate after consulting with the Principal Podiatrist of that Clinic.



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